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Susan Saetta

Landlord Insurance – You need it

Property Management Tips – Ask Susan

Landlord need to be covered for an entirely different range of risks and issues that can arise from having a tenanted property.
Owner occupier contents, building and strata insurances do not cover your property if tenanted.

Susan recommends having insurance cover for:

Loss of rent:

Your tenant leaves without giving notice or vacates at the end of their tenancy leaving unpaid rent.
Your property becomes unfit for a tenant to occupy as a result of damage by fire or storm.
Your tenant being the sole person on the lease passes away.

Landlords Contents:

Cover for;  Window furnishings, carpets, light fitting and some electrical appliances.
Your contents can be at risk in several ways:

Tenant damage whether by accidental or malicious.
Burst hot water service, Burst flexible hoses which by the way is occurring on a more regular basis.
Storm Damage and Fire

Legal Liability: Your tenant slips and falls, or suffers electrocution from a faulty power point.

Building: Covers damage by; Break in and or vandalism, scorching caused by a cigarette burn or hot cookware being placed directly on bench tops, pet damage and some tenant damage.

Cost: Less than $400 pa depending on amount covered
Eg Landlord Preferred Policy by Terri Scheer cost under $365 pa (www.terrischeer.com).
Compare policies and check limits on cover in each policy offering.

Ask Susan Saetta at Walkom Real Estate

Email susan.saetta@walkom.com.au Phone 0249748900

Scott Walkom

Rate My Agent – 2018 Awards


Walkom Real Estate are proud to announce we have been awarded Agent of the Year for Newcastle, Newcastle East, Cooks Hill & Merewether as well as Kate Rundle winning Agent of the Year for Cooks Hill and Thomas Hook winning Agent of the Year for Newcastle in the RateMyAgent Agent of the Year Awards!

“The RateMyAgent Agent of the Year Awards are the only awards which use verified customer reviews and feedback, so they’re an honest gauge of the customer service an agent has provided,” said RateMyAgent CEO & Co-Founder, Mark Armstrong. “These awards are the only industry awards to put sellers’ needs first, using customer reviews as a leading indicator of an agent’s success over 2017.”

Scott Walkom delighted to announce “Extraordinarily generous donation”

 In December, the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) was granted a donation from an anonymous donor for the largest ever single donation in its 19 year history. The $5.2 million donation will go to improving the access of vulnerable and remote communities to high quality health care throughout New South Wales.

In his role as Chair of the HMRI Foundation, Scott Walkom was delighted to announce this historic donation, which will pave the way for greater collaboration between HMRI, NSW Ambulance and the Hunter New England health district in their combined effort to ensure top quality care, regardless of post code in NSW. “On behalf of HMRI, I wish to extend our enormous gratitude for this extraordinarily generous gift. It is our hope that this project contributes in some way to closing the gap for all communities in remote and rural areas, as well as improving the health of all people.”

According to HMRI Director, Professor Michael Nilsson, the anonymous donor was “highly motivated” to bring top-quality health care to remote and vulnerable communities. To accomplish this, the funding will facilitate the shared vision of HMRI, NSW Ambulance and the Hunter New England Local Health District in their goal of reducing preventable hospitalisations, easing demand for Emergency Departments and delivering excellent patient care through greater collaboration.

Himself a passionate advocate for using the home as a place of healing, Professor Nillson stated, “we can address the current imbalance by mobilising medicine and furnishing regional health communities with more sophisticated telehealth technologies.”

Under the project, paramedics, clinicians, nurses and aged-care providers will receive advanced training and equipment to optimise triage protocols and referrals with an aim to reduce travel time and stress for patients. The gift will also allow training facilities to be upgraded, new education equipment to be purchased and provide resources necessary to secure extra Clinical and Technical Education Staff, along with telehealth IT support staff.

Susan Saetta

Kids Don’t Fly – Changes to Window Safety Locks

Property Management Tips – Ask Susan

Each year, around 50 children fall from windows or balconies. Many suffer serious injuries and some result in deaths. Most of these tragedies occur in children’s own home to address this issue in NSW.

New legislation becomes effective by 13/3/18 states the law applies to openable windows where the internal floor is more than 2m above the ground surface outside, and within a child’s reach (less than 1.7m above the floor inside). To prevent children falling from windows, all strata buildings in NSW must be fitted with devices that enable the maximum window openings to be less than 12.5cm.

Alternatives to locks are security screens, such as bars or grills on windows, so long as they have gaps less than 12.5cm. Fly screens do not comply unless they are the reinforced security type and capable of resisting the very strong outward pressure that would prevent a child from falling through.

Susan Saetta a property manager with over 24 years experiance, recommends that it would be prudent for any investment property owners whether they own a strata premises or not, to review their current window and balcony lock safety measures.

For more information: Ask Susan Saetta at Walkom Real Estate Email susan.saetta@walkom.com.au Phone 0249748900

For detailed information, helpful booklets and checklists visit: Kids Don’t Fly

Department of Fair Trading

Scott Walkom

Newcastle Residential Prices – Forecast 2020

The future looks bright for the Newcastle property market. With Newcastle’s median house price forecast set to increase by 9% to $635,000 by June 2020. (Compare with a 4% decline in Sydney). Source BIS Oxford Economics December 17 Update.

Positive Factors driving the market are;
* The ‘revitalisation’ of Newcastle, a NSW government program has had a positive impact
* New infrastructure has been built and is underway eg The Light Rail System and the Wickham Transport Interchange
* An environment attracting migration into the region – stimulating demand for new homes
* Prices under $750,000 enable more Newcastle buyers to benefit from the FHOG stamp duty exemptions
* Generally more affordable homes prices

Not to mention the great lifestyle. World class beaches with great surf, easy to access harbour foreshore, great bike tracks, excellent education facilities, Tafe, Newcastle Uni, affordable Private and Public Schools coupled with excellent employment opportunities.
If you need a place to eat and think about buying a property in Newcastle, head to Scratchleys on the Wharf, Neil will look after you.