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443 Hunter Street 2300 Newcastle , NSW
Phone: 02 4974 8900

Tips For Tenant

Tips for tenants – obtaining a property to rent

Understand the laws of renting by reading the NEW TENANT CHECKLIST DFT

Use the internet to your advantage by registering for property alerts
Make your requirements know to the property management team ( email is good ) and find out what good properties are coming up before they are advertised.
Complete your application form with all information. Always good to attach a reference from your current rental agent.

Brief summary of the process of renting a property and what payments are required.

People interested in renting a property inspect it by appointment with our staff.
They can take an application form at the showing and send it to our office to formally apply. Applicants must inspect the property prior to lodging an application form.
Their application form is checked and verified and then we discuss the application with the property owner.
Once the property owner approves an applicant they are asked to pay a holding deposit of one weeks rent to secure the property for themselves.
A date to sign the lease document and pay the balance of funds due is set.
Upon signing the lease ( in our office ) the tenant will be required to pay to the agent the following;

  • Two Weeks Rent
  • Bond (4 weeks rent)
  • LESS the Holding Deposit Paid

We issue you with a trust account receipt at the time of your payment.

Tenants will receive the lease, condition report and other associated documents and keys for the property upon signing the lease and paying the required funds.

Bond Money – This money is collect by us and sent to the NSW Bond Board on your behalf.

Tips for tenants – Be careful of scams $

We have heard of a scam where some properties have been advertised via the internet at a rent below market value and people have been asked to pay rent in advance of even seeing the property. These payments are usually required via Western Union transfers or other EFT. Please do not pay these people any money, they are trying to steal your money.

Try and deal directly with local Agents who have an office you can visit or if renting from a private owner ensure you can establish that they own the property. Ask them for a current council rates notice.

Tips for Tenants – Just moved in

Insure your contents – furniture, clothes, sports gear, jewellery etc (Fires and floods can happen)
Return your ingoing condition report to us
Pay the rent to ensure its in advance

Tips for Tenants – Leaving

Always give the required notice to leave in writing to the agent and check by telephone that we got it.
Clean the property well before you go.

For any questions please contact us : 02 49748900