443 Hunter Street 2300 Newcastle , NSW
Phone: 02 4974 8900
Our Sales Service, Walkom.com.au


443 Hunter Street 2300 Newcastle , NSW
Phone: 02 4974 8900

Our Sales Service

Walkom Real Estate is known for obtaining the best price possible for your property, effective marketing and excellent customer service.
Our highly experienced team has been providing Real Estate services for the Newcastle area since the 1960’s.

To discuss your individual requirements for the sale of your property please contact us on;

Email sales@walkom.com.au

Telephone :  02 4974 8900

Sales Brochure : Walkom Sales Services Brochurecorporate

Walkom Real Estate Guarantee of real estate service

  • We will do our utmost to achieve the highest price possible for your home.
  • We will search our extensive databases of clients and advise any suitable purchasers that your home is for sale.
  • Once we have found a buyer we will use all our negotiating expertise to obtain a commitment in writing.
  • We will constantly train and develop our consultants to ensure that they possess the necessary skills to get the purchaser to pay the highest possible price for you.
  • We will conduct all transactions in a confi dential and professional manner.
  • We will advise you of the result of every inspection on your property within 48 hours of each inspection occurring.
  • We will use all our resources to provide your property with a comprehensive marketing programme.
  • We guarantee that we will maintain the highest standards of integrity throughout all our dealings with you.
  • We will charge you nothing unless we sell the property for a price to which you agree.
  • We will do our best to ensure that the process of selling your home causes the minimum amount of inconvenience to you.
  • We will work diligently and tirelessly doing our very best to achieve the best possible result for you.

Something about fees

It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money – that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose much more because the person you employed was not capable of doing the job they were employed to do.

Legal Requirements

A copy of the contract for sale must be held at the real estate agent’s office when a property is offered for sale. Therefore you must instruct your solicitors to prepare the contract as soon as you decide to sell.

  • Obtain an obligation free market appraisal from Walkom Real Estate